About Lawyer Central

Our Mission

We are Lawyer Central, Canada’s best lawyer directory and matching service.

Our mission is to inform and empower people looking for legal help.

Whatever your legal issue, our innovative team is dedicated to making it as easy as possible for you to find the right lawyer for your situation.

Our Story

Growing up in a small town with a big sense of community, Jason (co-founder) wanted an occupation where he could help people. After moving to BC to start his career as a lawyer, he quickly realized that the legal marketplace is far from accessible.

One summer, Jason found himself in need of his own lawyer after being struck by a vehicle while biking home from his law office in Vancouver. Despite working in law, finding the right lawyer online was an extremely frustrating process. After spending hours combing through dozens of firm websites without being able to effectively distinguish between lawyers, he knew there had to be a better way.



Conversations with others revealed that most people shared the same frustration while trying to find a lawyer online. So Jason reached out to Aaron – a high-end computer programmer who is always looking to improve the world through technology. Having also struggled to find his own lawyer in the past, Aaron was immediately excited about the idea.

Following years of brainstorming and development, Lawyer Central was born. Lawyer Central continues to be driven by its core mission of making it easier for Canadians to navigate the legal system.

Our Approach


We believe that more information helps you make better decisions. Before buying a product, you usually compare features, prices, and reviews from people who have used it before. We wanted to create the same experience when looking for a lawyer.

Our user-friendly platform provides instant access to detailed profiles and trusted reviews for 96% of Canadian lawyers at your fingertips.

Not easy enough? Have us find and contact experienced lawyers for you through our lawyer referral service (yes, it’s free). Simply tell us what you are looking for help with, and then sit back and wait for the right lawyer(s) to reach out to you!

Our Team

Jason Fitzpatrick

Co-Founder & CEO


Throughout his time in law school and legal practice, Jason became painfully aware of how archaic and inaccessible the practice of law is – making it difficult for most people to navigate. While pursuing his MBA, he focused all of his energy on integrating technology to make the legal system more accessible. Jason has worked at various high-profile law firms in Vancouver and Victoria.

When he’s not designing new ways to improve the accessibility of our legal system, Jason enjoys exploring the country with his canine companion, Qanuk (“kah-nook”).

Aaron Massicotte

Co-Founder & CTO

Aaron has been writing code since he was 10 years old. After graduating at the top of his class with a joint honours’ degree in computer science and chemistry, he began developing best-in-class software at Cerence, creating AI powered experiences with advanced security for the automotive world. Aaron’s passion for marrying innovation and technology to improve the lives of those around him inspires his dedication to developing – and continuously improving – Lawyer Central’s functionality, security, and usability.

Aaron Massicotte hails from Montreal and finds passion in cooking, philosophy, swing dancing, and innovation through technology.


Ben McGrath

Content Writer

From spearheading student groups and fundraising campaigns to NGO work and advocacy, Ben has always worked to better his community and his country. With a background in politics and philosophy, Ben brings his considerable writing talents to the table as a content writer for Lawyer Central. Attracted by the core values of accessibility, innovation, and equality of opportunity, Ben works diligenty to improve the functionality and quality of user experience at Lawyer Central though informative and accurate articles on all aspects of the Canadian legal system.

Ben lives in Ottawa where he recently completed a master’s degree in Infrastructure Protection and International Security at Carleton University. He has a passion for sustainable agriculture and plays the drums in a blues ensemble.

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