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Lawyer Central is Canada's one-stop shop for finding and comparing lawyers! We are a community of Canadians striving to increase accessibility and transparency in the legal market! Your review will help others find lawyers that fit their needs!

When you submit a review, you help inform others of your past success or mistakes. Up until now the legal system has been a nebulous and hidden world from the people who end up in need of legal help. That's why we're running this campaign: to empower Canadians in their times of most need.

Most people won't bother submitting a review. This campaign is only going on for 3 months, and in the first 6 weeks we've had less than 25 people make submissions! You have a fairly high chance of winning the contest.

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Don't know any lawyers? Still with me reading? Nice.
We wanted to maximize the opportunities for everyone.

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How do we even keep track of all this?

Does everything really count?

Yes! It's really simple actually.
The reviews that go into our system can be exported in a spreadsheet.

From there, we also add additional columns for the names of people who have made the social media interactions.

We then make a final bucket where names are entered in for the final winner drawing. This is where the duplicates increase winning odds.

Then, the winner is picked using! We'll do ur best to make the process as transparent as possible.

Thank you so much for your interest and participation!